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Assurance of Learning

Each academic program at IUPUC has a plan to assess student learning. The plans reflect student learning outcomes and identify the process for collecting, analyzing, and reviewing student performance data. Program assessment coordinators also prepare annual program reports for peer review.

IUPUC's assessment coordinators first began meeting as a collaborative team during preparations for 2011–12 program reporting; the team also began implementation of new IUPUC assessment software for fall 2012.

All academic programs at IUPUC take part in a formal program review process with academic programs at IUPUI. The program review and assessment committee (PRAC) at IUPUI meets monthly and is responsible for an annual program review process; all IUPUI and IUPUC programs undergo annual peer review and receive feedback. PRAC representatives from IUPUC attend monthly meetings at IUPUI and participate as program report reviewers.

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