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We have broad responsibilities safety and security. Explore these links for information about the Office of Public Safety and related university operations:

The Office of Public Safety at IUPUC is located at 4601 Central Avenue in CC Room 105.

Reach Lt. Doug Johnson via e-mail to johnsodo@iupuc.edu or by calling 812.348.7388.


Office of Public Safety

The Office of Public Safety at IUPUC is dedicated to upholding high professional standards while ensuring the safety and security of students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

We are committed to the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws to protect life and property, while also respecting constitutional rights and individual dignity. In addition, we are committed to employing creativity, patience, and persistence in establishing and maintaining positive relationships.

We perform our responsibilities with an unwavering commitment to integrity and are accountable to those we serve for our decisions and actions.

We strive to practice empathy, compassion, and sensitivity at all times, recognizing that every individual is valuable and should have the maximum opportunity to reach his or her potential.

If you need to report an emergency on campus, dial 9-911 or call 812.348.7388.