Spotlight: Mark Jaime
Dr. Mark Jaime, assistant professor of psychology, specializes in intersensory perceptual development. Later this year, Jaime will oversee the launch of IUPUC's new Perceptual Development Laboratory. Jaime and his students will research how early perceptual processes in children interact with their social cognitive development. Specifically, they will seek to identify biomarkers than can predict optimal treatment outcomes and approaches for children affected by autism spectrum disorder. Jaime holds bachelor's, master's, and a Ph.D. in psychology from Florida International University. He completed postdoctoral work at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and a fellowship on autism research at the University of Miami. He teaches courses on behavioral neuroscience, early development, biological psychology, developmental psychology, and psychology as a biological science.

Faculty & Staff Accomplishments

This is a summary of community service, civic engagement, university service, professional development, and related activities as reported by individual faculty and staff members in the Monthly Activity Reports (MARs) disseminated and collected by the Office of Institutional Research. Only activities entered on the MAR are included in this summary.

Q1 Accomplishments: January-March 2014


  • Dr. Lisa Bailey, senior lecturer in English, gave a presentation on March 13 titled “Ruined Conversation” as part of IUPUC’s Women's History Month recognition.
  • Dr. Erica Berte, assistant professor of management, gave a presentation about management and management careers to the BUS X-103 class on March 3.
  • Director of Scholarships Jennifer Chandler gave invited presentations in January during financial aid events held at Columbus North High School, Seymour Middle School, and Hauser High School. In February, Chandler gave financial aid presentations to University College first-year seminar students.
  • On March 28, Stefanie Davis, library assistant, gave a poster presentation during a joint student/faculty research conference at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis titled “Survey of Disability History.”
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Associate Professor of Psychology Gary Felsten presented two January workshops on how to complete faculty annual reports for IUPUC faculty. In March, Felsten prepared and presented three promotion and tenure workshops for faculty.
  • On February 21, Dr. Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, associate professor of English and director of the Office of Student Research, was an invited speaker for Marian University’s Interdisciplinary Speakers Series. Her presentation was titled “On Sylvia Plath: Feminist and Trauma Studies Readings of Selections from The Collected Poems.”
  • Dr. Luke Jacobus, assistant professor of biology, gave two invited presentations in February, both titled “Insects in the Classroom.” The first presentation was part of IUPUC’s K-3 STEM Conference and the second was during a “Science Saturday” event sponsored by the IUPUC student chapter of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). In March, Jacobus gave a presentation titled “The Snow Flies of Indiana; The Biodiversity of Mayflies in Minnesota” at the Indiana Academy of Science’s annual meeting in Indianapolis.
  • Dr. Larita Killian gave an invited talk titled “Debt and Special Districts: Evidence from Old Northwest Territory States” at the mid-year meeting of the accounting and public interest section of the American Accounting Association in San Diego on March 29. Dr. Killian’s co-presenter was Dr. Dagney Faulk, Center for Business & Economic Research, Ball State University.
  • On March 15, Dr. James Mendez, assistant professor of chemistry, gave a presentation titled “Chitin from Underutilized Sources” at the Indiana Academy of Science’s annual meeting in Indianapolis.
  • Bethany Murray, clinical assistant professor of nursing, gave a poster presentation on March 8 titled “The Use of High-Fidelity Simulation in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Clinical Education” during the annual conference of the Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses of Indiana. Her manuscript has been accepted for publicatoin by the International Journal of Health Sciences Education.
  • Assistant Librarian Madelyn Washington gave an invited presentation titled “Describing Digital Information Objects in the Diaspora” on February 20 during the annual conference of the Association of Cuban Librarians at Jose Marti National Library of Cuba in Havana.
  • Dr. Kathy Wills, associate professor of English and coordinator of the English program, served as a respondent and chair of a panel discussion titled “Activity Theory and Business Communication,” for the Modern Language Association’s Association for Business in Chicago on January 5. In February, Wills traveled to Paris, where she gave two readings of her poem titled “Tea and Chelsea” at Le Chat Noir Salon and Brasserie as well as the Lapin Agile Cabaret.
  • Dr. Matthias Youngs, assistant professor of mathematics, gave a presentation titled “Analysis of Free Boundary Problems for Compressible Flows,” on March 22 at the Southeastern Spring Sectional Meeting of the American Mathematical Society held at University of Tennessee.


  • On January 22, Lt. Doug Johnson, Indiana University police department, gave a public safety presentation on active shooter awareness for the IUPUC Staff Council.
  • Dr. Kathy Wills, associate professor of English and coordinator of the English program, was appointed the Indiana representative and policy analyst for the National Association for Teachers of English in January.


  • Assistant Professor of Management Erica Berte applied for an IUPUI curriculum enhancement grant in February.
  • Dr. Cheryl Crisp, assistant professor of nursing, was recognized with IUPUC’s Excellence in Diversity Award in January. Crisp received a $1,200 grant from Sigma Theta Tau International’s Alpha Chapter for a project titled “How Parents Talk to their Child with a Life-Limiting Illness about Dying.”
  • On March 26, Dr. Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, associate professor of English and director of IUPUC’s Office of Student Research, received the 2014 Inspirational Woman Award as part of the 17th Annual Women’s Leadership Reception at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). In January, the National Endowment for the Humanities Institute awarded Julie a $3,300 grant plus room and board for a one-month intensive research study this July.
  • In February, Dr. Barbara Hass Jacobus, a lecturer in biology, was named a faculty mentor on a funded student research project by IUPUC’s Office of Student Research.
  • Dr. Luke Jacobus, assistant professor of biology, was named a fellow in the Indiana Academy of Science in February.
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing Bethany Murray received a $1,000 grant from the Indiana Association of Higher Education Center (IN-AHEC) for training and implementation of standardized patients in nursing simulation.
  • Dr. Beth Sharer, head of the Division of Nursing, received a $50,000 award from the Eastern Indiana Association of Higher Education Center (IN-AHEC) to support development of tenure-track nursing faculty. In addition, Sharer received a $1,000 standardized patient grant as part of IN-AHEC’s simulation conference and a $1,375 grant from the Indiana Organization of Nurse Executives to attend the American Organization of Nurse Executives in Orlando in March.


  • Dr. Ryan Brewer published “Economic Outlook 2014 for Columbus, Indiana,” in the winter 2014 issue of Indiana Business Review.
  • In January, Dr. Lauren Burch and colleagues had an article on media coverage accepted for publication. The citation is: Eagleman, A. N., Burch, L. M., & Vooris, R. (In Press). A unified version of London 2012: New media coverage of gender, nationality, and sport for Olympic consumers in six countries, Journal of Sport Management.
  • Dr. Cheryl Crisp and colleagues have published a pediatric nursing article. Crisp, C., Draucker, C. B., Ellett, M. C. G (2014). Barriers and facilitators to children's use of speech-generating devices: a descriptive qualitative study of mother's perspectives. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing. Published online before print. March 19, 2014.
  • Dr. Ryan Neville-Shepard and colleague published a new article. The citation is: Warner, B. R., & Neville-Shepard, R. M. (2014). Echoes of a conspiracy: Birthers, truthers, and the cultivation of extremism. Communication Quarterly, 62, 1-17.
  • Dr. Kathy Wills and Dr. Barbara Hass Jacobus presented a conference paper. Wills, K.V. & B. Hass-Jacobus. Communicating Experimental outcomes to Multiple Audiences: Preliminary Findings in STEM in Writing Research Across Borders, University of Paris-Ouest, Nanterre la Defense, February 2014. In March, Wills presented a paper titled “International Writing Research in Moscow, Russia: A Fulbright Summary” at the College Conference on Composition and Communication.