Faculty & Staff Accomplishments

This is a summary of community service, civic engagement, university service, professional development, and related activities as reported by individual faculty and staff members in the Monthly Activity Reports (MARs) disseminated and collected by the Office of Institutional Research. Only activities entered on the MAR are included in this summary.

Q2 Accomplishments: April-June 2014


  • In May, Dr. Lisa Bailey, senior lecturer in English, gave a presentation titled “Much Ado About England” at the annual IU-sponsored FACET retreat in Indianapolis.
  • In June Emily Dill, executive director of the University Library, presented a refereed paper titled “Anonymity and Agreement: Simulating Aspects of Cyber-Space to Investigate the Process of Evaluating Peers” to an audience of international scholars. She also prepared and presented a poster titled “Authors’ Rights to Share Scholarship: A Survey of IUPUI Faculty Attitudes” to an audience of IU librarians.
  • Dr. Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, associate professor of English and director of the Office of Student Research, was a keynote speaker for the Gertrude Stein Society at the American Literature Association (ALA) Conference. She gave a presentation titled "Tender Buttons and the Twenty-First Century: Reading Gertrude Stein 100 Years Later” to an audience of American literature scholars at the event, which was held in Washington DC.
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing Dr. Deborah Judge spoke at the University of Southern Indiana (USI) at the college of nursing and health professionals research conference in May.
  • In May, Clinical Assistant Professor Angela Opsahl spoke at the IU School of Nursing at IUPUC Nursing Advisory Council Meeting.
  • Dr.Cheryl Warner presented an interactive training on “A Experiential Group Activity to Increase Awareness about Social Power between U.S. Cultural Groups” at the 2014 National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education (NCORE) in May. In addition, Warner and Dr. SandraMiles presented “Different Demographics...Shared Experiences in the Workplace: Reported Social Alienation in White Men and Black Women Student Affairs Professionals” at the conference, which was held in Indianapolis.
  • In May, Assistant Librarian Madelyn Washington presented “The Detroit Techno Ontology: A Tool for Describing the Digital Diaspora” at the First Annual Detroit Sound Conservancy Conference: Conserving Sounds and Telling Stories.
  • Clinical Assistant Professor Kathy Auberry did a presentation at Train the Trainer: Medication Administration Presentation to Nurses new in the field of IDD Nursing Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services/State of Indiana. In June, Auberry was a presenter at Train the Trainer: Medication Administration Session for nurses new to the field of IDD.
  • In April, Associate Professor of Accounting Dr. Larita Killian gave a presentation at the Marshall County Historical Society, in Plymouth, Indiana where she discussed the history of colonial Africa and her biography, “Zimbabwe Bound: A Woman’s Journey through Africa.” Also in April, Killian was interviewed via phone by Tracy Dorsey of Al Jezeera-America regarding her research into special district governments. In May, Killian served as guest lecturer on internal controls at the International College of the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) in Bangkok.
  • Dr. Frank Wadsworth, head of the Division of Business, and Dr. Beth Sharer, head of the Division of Nursing, led a co-presentation in June during the EcO15 regional coordinators meeting at the Ripley County Community Foundation in Batesville, IN. Their discussion focused on increasing an awareness of nursing degree program prerequisites (math and English courses and GPA requirements) and the new Health Services Administration (HSA) concentration offered for business majors. They also discussed:
    • Ivy Tech/IUPUC nursing pathways
    • Healthcare industry shortages and looming retirement data
    • Recruitment and outreach activities for their divisions, including parnerships with AHEC and local healthcare organizations
    • They also attended the Custer Foundation board meeting and gave a PowerPoint presentation to its members about IUPUC's nursing program
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Associate Professor of Psychology Gary Felsten presented nine promotion and tenure workshops for faculty in May at IUPUC.
  • Dr. Luke Jacobus, assistant professor of biology, gave a presentation titled “Life Cycles” at VanBuren Elementary School in Brown County, IN.
  • In June, Jennifer Chandler gave several presentations as part of IUPUC's new student orientation sessions. She also gave a presentation to Early College students.
  • Cynthia Felsten spoke to the District 6 Zonta International chapter on pay equity in Indiana.
  • Sara Flanagan gave presentations titled “Transitions” and “Year in Their Shoes” during new student orientation sessions at IUPUC.
  • On June 6, Carol Kostrzewsky attended the National Career Development Association Conference. She gave a round table presentation titled "A Pre-Practicum Career Counseling Laboratory for Mental Health Counseling Graduate Student Trainees."
  • Matthew Souza gave several presentations in June:
    • BUS F-402 and F-560 finance classes at the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI on strategic decision-making frameworks
    • Plenary speaker at Indiana Consortium of State & Local Human Rights Agencies National Association of Human Rights Workers Joint Training Conference
    • “Cultural Diversity In Your Organization”
    • “Regional Spotlight: IUPUC and Columbus” presentation given to the Indiana University Council for Regional Engagement and Economic Development
  • Dr. Mark Volpatti gave a refereed presentation titled "The Shift Towards Decentralization in Higher Education Budgeting: A Case Study on How Deans View Centralized and Decentralized Budget Systems" at the Hawaii International Conference on Business in Honolulu on May 24.


  • Dr. Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, associate professor of English and the director of the Office for Student Research, was presented with a 2014 Indiana University Trustees Teaching Award. She was inducted into the Faculty Colloquium on Excellence (FACET) on May 16 and will serve as co-chair of FACET's 2015 conference. She is advisor of IUPUC's Feminism Club, which won the Leadership Uprising Award and the Outstanding Student Organization Program Award at IUPUC's Student Leadership Awards banquet on April 29.
  • In April, Dr. Luke Jacobus, assistant professor of biology, won the Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Award at IUPUC for 2013-14.
  • Associate Professor of Management Erica Berte was honored with a $1,000 IUPUC Faculty Development Award to attend the IAMOT conference in Washington DC, where she chaired three sessions at the conference. Berte also received a $7,150 curriculum enhancement grant from the Center for Teaching and Learning at IUPUI to make BUS D-301 an online course.
  • Assistant Professor in Nursing Dr. Cheryl Crisp received a grant for $2.000 from Sigma Theta Tau International's Alpha chapter.
  • Dr. Barbara Hass Jacobus, lecturer in biology, worked with the Office of Development on grants from the Reeves Foundation.  
  • In May, Associate Professor of Accounting Dr. Larita Killian received a curriculum development grant from the Institute for Curriculum and Campus Internationalization (ICCI) to develop course materials for international accounting. She also received a CIBER grant to attend a curriculum development workshop.
  • Dr. Beth Sharer, head of the division of nursing, received grants including:
    • EI AHEC strong inventory pilot grant $375
    • Major Hospital in Shelbyville $35,000 for summer doctoral support for nursing faculty
    • Johnson County Hospital $5,000 for summer doctoral support
    • Haddad Foundation $12,000 for IUPUC’s summer doctoral support program
  • The biology faculty and staff in the Division of Science received a $50,000 grant from the Reeves Foundation for renovations to IUPUC's biology lab.
  • Dr. James Mendez and the Division of Science received a substantial gift of chemistry lab equipment from Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals by way of the Jackson County Learning Center.


  • Dr. Erica Berte and Dr. Kevin Jones co-authored a peer-reviewed article titled "The Field Trip as an Experiential Teaching Strategy to Promote Reflective Learning" in the Journal of the Academy of Business Education, 15, pp.1-17, 2014.
  • In May, Dr. Pete Dreher, associate professor of mechanical engineering, wrote a journal article with research assistant Debanjan Deep that was submitted to SAE's Journal of Engines titled “Experimental Validation of Computational Fluid Dynamic Models for Cavitation in Fuel Injector Valves.” Dreher also worked on a book titled Everything You Wanted to Know About Airbags, But Could Not Afford to Ask, Lambert Academic Press, London.
  • In April, Dr. Gary Felsten, associate dean for academic affairs, wrote an article titled "Personality Predicts Perceived Potential for Attention Restoration of Natural and Urban Scenes," published in the Bilingual Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2014, 5, 37-57.
  • Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Luke Jacobus and a colleague published an article titled "The Genera Anafroptilum Kluge, 2011, and Neocloeon Traver, 1932, Reinstated Status, in North America," with remarks about the global composition of Centroptilum Eaton, 1869 (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) in Zootaxa 3814(3): 385-391.
  • Bethany Murray, clinical assistant professor of nursing, published an article titled "The Use of High-Fidelity Simulation in Psychiatric and Mental Health Clinical Nursing Education" published in the International Journal of Health Sciences Education, 2(1). Available at: http://dc.etsu.edu/ijhse/vol2/iss1/3.
  • Stephanie Davis completed her Master of Library Science (MLS) degree on June 24.
  • On April 16, Cynthia Felsten was awarded the Pay Equity Champion Award by National Organization of Women (NOW). Felsten formed a pay equity coalition in 2008 representing many organizations in Indiana and wrote pay equity legislation for the 2009 legislative session, which passed both houses and was signed by Governor Mitch Daniels.