The Center for Business and Economic Development has been offering professional development opportunities for working adults through the region and around the globe since 2008. Here's what some of our most recent clients had to say:

  • “Great training, best training I have gone through.”
  • “Very good training. I must say the best training that I have attended”
  • “Encouraged that my time invested in this course will be applicable, useful and beneficial.”
  • “Material and instructor were both the best I’ve ever received”
  • “Enjoy the mix of presentation and activities. Keeps me engaged in the training.”
  • “Exciting class and I am enthused about applying what I have learned.”
  • “I see daily issues in a new way…”
  • “I feel confident that I can apply the topics learned, they were presented in a very easy to apply user friendly way.”
  • “One of the best, insightful trainings I have attended. I have attended 320 hours of training in the last six months. Thank you.”
  • “Great training. I will start applying this tomorrow.”