If you are a student, faculty, or staff member at IUPUC who wants to park in a campus lot, you must have a valid permit.


Summer 2016 permits will be available in the Office of Student Financial Services, CC Room 156T, on May 1. For faster service, add parking fees to your student account via One.IU.

  • Bring your license plate number, even if you have previously submitted it, when you come to claim your permit.
  • For a handicap permit, bring a copy of your vehicle registration or your blue hang tag.

2016-17 Changes

Starting with the fall 2016 semester there will be several changes to parking around campus, most notably with permit types. The parking changes are designed to increase efficiency and optimize the utilization of all parking spaces for employees and students.

Permit types

By consolidating and centralizing the types of permits, we can better ensure all parking spaces get used on all campuses.

  • "A" employee permits renamed "EM"
  • "E" student permits will be renamed "ST"
    • This permit will still be available to faculty/staff who do not wish to pay the higher cost of an "EM" permit.
  • "H" permits will be renamed "D"

Year-round permits will no longer have semester-specific expiration dates; rather, each will be valid in alignment with the fiscal year (July 1 though June 30).

Purchasing faculty and staff permits

In One.IU search for "Parking Permit (All IU Campuses)"  and follow the steps to reserve your permit.  All permits will be mailed via USPS—there will no longer be an option to pick up your permit in the Office of Administration and Finance. Payment options will be available, including automatic deduction from paycheck. (Adjunct instructors will not have auto deduction option available.)

Employee permits will be available for purchase beginning June 1, 2016. Please note: your current employee permit will expire on June 30 (regardless of expiration date printed on the permit). When you purchase your permit via the portal you will be able to print a temporary permit for use until you receive your permanent one in the mail. Ten-pay employees will not have permits available for purchase until Aug. 1--their permits will be valid through July.

Purchasing student permits beginning Aug. 1

To purchase your permit, visit One.IU and search for "Parking Permit (All IU Campuses)."  This will take you to the IU Parking Portal.  Click "Get Permits" and use your university username and password to log in.  You will need your license plate number, vehicle make and plate year.  Once you reserve your permit you will have the option of either paying via credit/debit card or having the cost of the permit added to your student bursar account.  After you have purchased your permit you will be able to print a temporary permit to display until you receive yours in the mail.  Please note:  you will no longer visit the Office of Student Financials to obtain your permit--it will be mailed to your home address.