Current Calendars

You can view or download and print a copy of the current academic calendar for these semesters:

Plan ahead for final exams:


Academic Calendar

All classes, registration periods, semester breaks, and final exams at IUPUC follow an academic calendar. Familiarize yourself with the current calendar to learn when classes start, the last date you can add or withdraw from classes, if there are scheduled semester breaks or holidays, when final exams begin, when your class grades will be posted, and more.

Final Exam Schedule

Final exams are scheduled in two-hour periods that are designed to avoid exam overlaps and conflicts for students whenever possible. The day and time of a scheduled final exam may not be changed per Indiana University policy. The Office of Registrar Services will adjust an exam location if there is a room scheduling conflict. Division offices and instructors will be notified if such a move is required.

Long-Term Academic Calendar

Historic and future dates are shown on the long-term calendar for fall 2011 through spring 2020. This document shows semester begin and end dates, holidays and breaks, and final exam start and end dates. The previous academic calendar for fall 2006 through summer 2011 is shown in our calendar archive.