Program Directors

To learn more about the leadership studies minor at IUPUC, please contact:

  • Dr. Ryan Neville-Shepard, PhD
    Assistant professor, communication studies
    Office: RC Room 103
    Phone: 812.348.7370

  • Dr. Sandra Miles, PhD
    Director of student affairs & university ombudsman
    Office: LC Room 1200
    Phone: 812.375.7525

Leadership Studies Minor

If you want to delve deeper into the meaning, constructs, and practical skills of leadership, a minor in leadership studies is essential. Through this interdisciplinary, multicultural, multidimensional, and experiential minor, you will be exposed to current theory and practice designed to prepare you for future leadership roles, whether you pursue a career in nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, community groups, the corporate world, or other workplaces.

Why Earn a Minor in Leadership Studies?

Understanding the principles of effective leadership will serve you well throughout the course of your collegiate journey and post-graduation career path. By earning a minor in leadership studies at IUPUC, you will:

  • Learn knowledge, skills, and values utilized by effective leaders
  • Discuss and explore various leadership theories and leadership in the context of social change
  • Supplement, strengthen, and enhance your academic major
  • Gain practical leadership and service-learning experiences
  • Have the leadership studies minor appear on your academic transcript

Career Options

There is no industry that exists without leaders! Large and small employers of all types in the public and private sectors seek new talent who possess the knowledge, skills, and values to lead. Pursuing a minor in leadership studies is useful and profitable no matter what career path you choose, whether in business, communications, education, engineering, health care, IT, liberal arts, science, and other fields.

This minor is also beneficial if you plan to apply to graduate school and earn a master’s or Ph.D. degree in a specialized field like business, dentistry, law, or medicine.


To earn an academic minor in leadership studies, you will:

  • Successfully complete 15 credit hours of coursework with a minimum grade of C in each course
  • Successfully complete all credit hours for your major area of study and the bachelor’s degree for that major
  • Complete and submit this application to Dr. Ryan Neville-Shepard when you begin your last class (but before you graduate)

Required courses will include:

  • Introduction to Leadership Studies
  • Leadership Practicum
  • Nine (9) credits in leadership studies and/or cross-listed courses (i.e., those in the humanities, business, social sciences, etc.)