Faculty and staff

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ImgErica Berte, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Management
Phone: 812.348.7267 | E-mail: eberte@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 117
ImgChris D. Brandon, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor, Accounting
Phone: 812.348.7291 | E-mail: cbrandon@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 119
ImgRyan Brewer, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Finance
Phone: 812.348.7253 | E-mail: rybrewer@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 122
ImgLauren Burch, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Management
Phone: 812.348.7366 | E-mail: lmburch@indiana.edu
Office: CC Room 140
ImgThomas A. Clerkin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Management
Phone: 812.348.7358 | E-mail: tclerkin@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 140
ImgJulie David
Admissions/Advising Coordinator
Phone: 812.348.7282 | E-mail: juldavid@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 120
ImgWilliam C. Haeberle, MBA
Phone: 812.348.7268 | E-mail: bihaeber@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 135
ImgKarla Hass
Senior Administrative Secretary
Phone: 812.348.7232 | E-mail: kmhass@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 116
ImgJeff Hittler, MBA
Interim MBA Program Director & Visiting Senior Lecturer in Business
Phone: 812.348.7263 | E-mail: jhittler@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 171
ImgKevin J. Jones, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Management
Phone: 812.348.7290 | E-mail: joneskj@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 134
ImgLarita J. Killian, Ed.D.
Associate Professor, Accounting
Phone: 812.348.7219 | E-mail: ljkillia@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 123
ImgJung Kook (JK) Lee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Marketing
Phone: 812.348.7254 | E-mail: leejk@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 134
ImgFrank Wadsworth, Ph.D.
Head, Division of Business & Professor of Marketing and International Studies
Phone: 812.348.7327 | E-mail: fwadswo@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 118