Staff Photo

Erica Berte, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Management
Division of Business
CC Room 117

PHONE: 812.348.7267

Biographical Statement

A native of Brazil, Berte moved to U.S. after teaching for eight years in the Business Department at Univali University in Brazil and has taught at IUPUC since 2007. As an associate professor of management she teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in international business, organizational behavior and change, and entrepreneurship and innovation. Her areas of research include strategy, innovation, small technology-based firms, cross cultural studies and expatriates. Berte is an expert in writing case studies about local companies. She has several years of experience in developing and delivering executive education.


  • Ph.D. in Business Administration (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil 2006)
  • MSc. In Business Administration (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil 2000)
  • B.S. Accounting (Regional University of Blumenau, Brazil 1995)
  • B.S. Business Administration (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil 1992)

Professional Activities

  • Member of the Academy of Management
  • Member of the Midwest Academy of Management
  • Member of the North American Case Studies Association
  • Member of the International Association for Management of Technology
  • Manuscript Reviewer for several journals and conferences

Courses Taught

Graduate Program

  • MBA Module Leader
  • BUCO-W 511 Entrepreneurship
  • BUCO-X 511 Seminar in Management Issues: Innovation
  • BUCO-Z 590 Independent Study in Organizational Behavior - Research Project

Undergraduate Program

  • BUS-D 301 The International Business Environment
  • BUS-D 302 International Business: Operations of International Enterprises
  • BUS-Z 302 Managing and Behavior in Organizations
  • BUS-W 430 Organizations and Organizational Change
  • BUS-W 490 Independent Study in Business Administration - Research Project

Administrative & Service Responsibilities

  • Chair of the MBA Policy and Curriculum Committee
  • Member of the General Education Board
  • Member of the Faculty Senate
  • Member of the Division of Business Assurance of Learning Committee

Awards & Activities

  • Curriculum Enhancement Grant – IUPUI to develop the class D301- International Business Environment in an online format. 2014/2015.
  • Best Paper Awarded in the 21st National Meeting of Production Engineering: Pereira, Erica C. O., F. Piske, F., Oliveira, Gelasio, Santos, J., Nardelli, R. & Piccoli, W. Simultaneous engineering: a case study in a textile company. 2001.


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