Staff Photo

Jung Kook (JK) Lee, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Marketing
Division of Business
CC Room 134

PHONE: 812.348.7254


  • Master's degree, Purdue University
  • Ph. D. degree, Purdue University

Professional Activities

  • Academy of Marketing Science
  • American Marketing Association
  • American Collegiate Retailing Association

Courses Taught

  • BUS M 301 Introduction to Marketing Management
  • BUS M 450 Marketing Strategy
  • BUCO M 501 Strategic Marketing Management

Research Activities

My scholarly interests range widely, from E-commerce and M-commerce to branding and tourism marketing. Those research approaches are well-balanced in that they cover qualitative and quantitative methods as well as consumer educators, marketers, and academic researchers. I am currently conducting surveys about consumers’ attitudes toward E-transaction and online privacy.

Awards & Activities

“Improving the Privacy and Security of Online Survey Data Collection,” National Science Foundation (NSF: Cyber Trust Division) grant project (2007).

“Design and Use of Digital Identities,” National Science Foundation (NSF: Information Technology Research Division) grant project (2006).


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Lee, J.K. (2008). Shopping Tourism; Theory and Context. The Journal of Business and Retail Management Research.

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