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Finance Courses

BUS-F 255 Business - Variable Title (1 cr.)   Course is designed to assist students in successfully managing their personal finances through the development of skills and competencies that will enable the student to make good financial decisions. Topics include the four categories of money, personal financial statements, money management tools, and understanding credit.

BUS-F 301 Financial Management (3 cr.)  [P:BUS A202, BUS W200, ECON E280.]   Broad survey of finance for all business students. Provides a conceptual framework of a firm’s investment, financing, and dividend decisions; includes working capital management, capital budgeting, and capital structure strategies.

BUS-F 303 Intermediate Investments  (3 cr.)  [P:BUS F301.]   Provides a rigorous treatment of the core concepts    of investments for finance majors. Covers equity securities, fixed income securities, derivative securities, and international investments. Makes extensive use of spreadsheet modeling to implement financial models. Serves as a foundation for all 400-level finance electives.

BUS-F 305 Intermediate Corporate Finance (3 cr.)  [P:BUS F301.]   Part of the finance core. Provides a rigorous treatment of the fundamental concepts of corporate finance for finance majors. Covers capital budgeting, the valuation of firms, and capital structure and payout policies. Serves as a foundation for all 400-level finance electives.

BUS-F 420 Equity and Fixed Income Investments (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-F301.]   A detailed examination of the management of equity and fixed income investments. The analysis of individual securities, the formation of these securities into portfolios, and the use of derivative securities to modify the return/risk profiles of more traditional stock and bond portfolios will be discussed.

BUS-F 421 Derivative Securities and Corporate Risk Management  (3 cr.)  [P:BUS-F301.]   Advanced treatment of options, futures, and other derivative securities. Detailed description of the entire spectrum of derivative products. Theoretical and numerical valuation of derivative securities. How corporate risk managers use derivatives to hedge exchange rate risk, interest rate risk, commodity risk, credit risk, etc.

BUS-F 490 Independent Study in Finance (1-3 cr.)   P: consent of undergraduate program chairperson and instructor. Supervised individual study and research in student’s special field of interest. The student will propose the investigation desired and, in conjunction with the instructor, develop the scope of work to be completed. Written report required.

BUS-F 494 International Finance (3 cr.)  [P:BUS F301.]   A study of the international financial markets in which firms operate and of financial management in an international environment. Topics include exchange rates, international arbitrage, exchange rate risk management, international financing and diversification, and multinational capital budgeting.