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Division of Education
Indiana University–Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC)
4601 Central Avenue, CC Room 155
Columbus, IN 47203-1769
Phone: 812.348.7325 | Fax: 812.348.7338
Email: education@iupuc.edu


Faculty and staff

Your degree matters. Learn more about earning a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree by requesting information. If you have questions, or need other assistance, please contact us.

Kate A. Baird, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor, Science Education
Phone: 812.348.7313 | E-mail: kabaird@iupuc.edu
Fax: 812.348.7338
Office: CC 152
Allisha Beerwart, Ed.S.
Visiting Lecturer, Special Education
Phone: 812.348.7211 | E-mail: abeerwar@iupuc.edu
Catherine Brown, Ed.D.
Division Head and Director, Center for Teaching and Learning; Professor, Mathematics Education
Phone: 812.348.7275 | E-mail: -
Jennifer M. Conner-Zachocki, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Language Education
Phone: 812.348.7278 | E-mail: jmconner@iupuc.edu
Fax: 812.348.7338
Office: CC Room 155D
Sara J. Williamson, M.S.
Academic Advisor and Student Services Coordinator
Phone: 812.348.7356 | E-mail: sjflanag@iupuc.edu
Jackie Lane
Senior Administrative Secretary
Phone: 812.348.7325 | E-mail: jaslane@iupuc.edu
Brooke Marsh, M.A.
Visiting Clinical Lecturer
Coordinator of Student Teaching and School Partnerships
Phone: 812.348.7248 | E-mail: marshb@iupuc.edu
Aija Saario Pocock, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor, ESL Education
Phone: 812.348.7347 | E-mail: apocock@iupuc.edu
Fax: 812.348.7338
Office: CC Room 154
Crystal Y. Walcott, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Mathematics Education
Phone: 812.348.7346 | E-mail: walcottc@iupuc.edu
Fax: 812.348.7338
Office: CC Room 155E
Debra L. Winikates, Ed.D.
Director, Institutional Research, Office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean; Clinical Assistant Professor, Language Education
Phone: 812.314.8640 | E-mail: dwinikat@iupuc.edu