EDUC-E 323 Social Studies and Science for Elementary School I (3 cr.)   This is a hands-on, minds-on inquiry course that integrates Social and Natural Science content and pedagogy for K-2 learners. Candidates will participate in lectures, small and large group works as well as field based experiences with young learners. Assessment will be based on projects designed to demonstrate candidate growth toward the ability to plan, design, deliver, and assess thematic learning experiences. P: In order to enroll in this course, students must be admitted to the Elementary Education program at IUPUC and receive authorization from the Division.

EDUC-E 325 Social Studies in the Elementary Schools (3 cr.)   Emphasizes the development of objectives, teaching strategies, and evaluation procedures that facilitate the social learning of young children. Special attention given to concept learning, inquiry, decision making, and value analysis.

EDUC-E 340 Methods of Teaching Reading I (2-3 cr.)   Describes the methods, materials, and techniques employed in elementary school developmental reading programs.

EDUC-E 341 Methods of Teaching Reading II (2-3 cr.)   P: E339 and E340. Describes the methods, materials, and techniques employed in diagnosis and corrective instruction in elementary school reading programs.

EDUC-E 345 Language Arts and Mathematics for Young Children (6 cr.)   Methods of developing language, cognition, reading and mathematical readiness; mathematical thinking through play, the arts, and directed experiences; design of curriculum and appropriate teaching strategies for young children.

EDUC-M 300 Teaching in Pluralistic Society (0-3 cr.)   This course is designed to introduce students to teaching as a profession. Students focus upon the "self as teacher," learning styles, cultural pluralism, and classroom teaching strategies that respond positively to the personal and ethnic diversity of the learner.

EDUC-M 301 Lab/Field Experience (0-3 cr.)   Laboratory or field experience.

EDUC-M 303 Laboratory/Field Experiences: Junior High/Middle School (0-3 cr.)   B-I Laboratory or field experiences at the junior high or middle school level. (May be repeated.) Corequisite with M314, M330, or M336. Grade: S or F.

EDUC-M 304 Laboratory/Field Experience (0-3 cr.)   Laboratory or field experience.

EDUC-M 305 Laboratory/Field Experience (0-3 cr.)   Laboratory or field experience.

EDUC-M 306 Laboratory/Field Experience (0-3 cr.)   Laboratory or field experience. Grade: S or F.

EDUC-M 307 Laboratory/Field Experience (0-3 cr.)   Laboratory or field experience. Grade: S or F.

EDUC-M 324 Teaching About the Arts (1-3 cr.)   Introduction to the importance of the arts in elementary school curriculum. Students are given a foundation of methods and materials in art and music that will enable them to integrate the arts into the general curriculum, supplement art lessons given by school art specialists, and encourage student discussion and understanding of art and music in the world today.

EDUC-M 403 Laboratory/Field Experience (0-3 cr.)    This hybrid field/lab experience is designed to provide you with knowledge, skills, and experiences that will allow you effectively and appropriately integrate technology into teaching and learning activities. During this hybrid field/lab experience, you will review current models of effective technology integration, survey available technologies in the classroom, and develop classroom lessons and activities. You will also have the opportunity to plan, implement, and evaluate a technology-integrated lesson as a part of your field experience.