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Eight-Week Noncredit ESL Courses

IUPUC’s Center for Business and Economic Development will offer a six-week, non-credit English as a Second Language (ESL) course in the evenings beginning January 27 through March 5, 2014. Classes will be held every Monday and Wednesday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. The cost is $150 (excluding the textbook).

This ESL class is intended for non-native speakers of English who wish to develop their English language proficiency skills. It will help participants improve conversational, everyday English comprehension and fluency.

This class is appropriate for ESL speakers with limited working proficiency in English. It is designed for maximum student-teacher interaction in a supportive classroom environment. Participants will earn a certificate of completion.

This 1.5 hour class is moderate level. The class will cover content including:

  • Conversational English, everyday expressions, and vocabulary
  • Listening comprehension and fluency
  • Understanding American English idioms
  • Exploration of cultural dimensions of communication

This level targets ESL speakers with limited working proficiency. A person at this level:

  • Is able to satisfy routine social  demands and limited work requirements
  • Can handle with confidence most basic social situations including introductions and casual conversations about current events, work, family, and autobiographical information
  • Can handle limited work requirements, needing help in handling any complications or difficulties; can get the gist of most conversations on non-technical subjects (i.e. topics which require no specialized knowledge), and has a speaking vocabulary sufficient to respond simply with some circumlocutions
  • Has an accent which, though often quite  faulty, is intelligible
  • Can usually handle elementary constructions quite accurately but does not have thorough or confident control of the grammar.

For information, contact Kevin McCracken at or call 812.348.7302.