UCOL Advising
At IUPUC, academic advising is an interactive, participatory process to ensure you are academically successful. We will help you choose a major, plan your academic program, suggest enrichment opportunities, and much more!
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First-Year Experience

As a new undergraduate student at IUPUC, we know that you probably have a lot of questions—and we are here to answer them.

We are dedicated to your success, both academically and socially. Our team will help guide you through your first year at IUPUC, ensuring you have a good understanding about the university, campus resources, and how to make the most of your student experience. We will also introduce you to programs that can help make your experience at IUPUC fun, meaningful, and exciting.

What To Expect Your First Year

During your first year at IUPUC, you will learn a lot about the university. You will also discover and learn a lot about yourself. Explore your options for engaging in research projects with faculty mentors, participating in study abroad travel programs, joining a range of student clubs and organizations, and serving in projects that benefit local and regional communities.

You can also participate in student leadership programs, compete in club sports and intramural athletics, and serve in student government. By getting involved in these and other activities, you will build connections and relationships that last a lifetime.

The FYE Team

The First Year Experience—or FYE—Team will provide you with guidance, advice, and support before you even begin your first class. We offer information, resources, and programs including:

No matter what your age, background, or when you start your first year at IUPUC, we will help you begin a rewarding journey—one that will enable you to achieve your personal goals and your career dreams.