Honors Contract

As a student in the Honors Program, you will earn honors credit by completing specially designed projects and experiences. These will enhance and complement your regular coursework.

You will work with an approved faculty member to develop an honors contract for all honors-level courses you choose to take. The contract might include, but is not limited to, examples like:

  • An independent project employing the research methods taught in a course
  • A paper whose references are the primary sources addressed in a course text
  • Presenting your independent project or research results to your class or another campus group
  • Designing and completing a special project, performance, or product

Honors contract work is not a substitute for your required coursework. Rather, you will complete honors assignments and work outlined in the contract in ADDITION to required coursework. For honors credit, you must earn a grade of B or higher for both the regular and honors work.

Submitting an Honors Contract

Your honors contract must be completed and submitted to the program office (located in the Division of Liberal Arts) as soon as possible after the beginning of the semester or no later than these due dates:

  • Spring semester: Before the end of the third week of classes
  • Fall semester: Before the end of the third week of classes
  • Summer sessions: Before the end of the first week of classes

The program director will review your contract and notify you whether you have been approved or if your contract requires revision. Your approved faculty mentor will be responsible for determining the appropriate evaluation criteria for your work.

Download and print the Honors Contract Application.


When your contract is approved, a concurrent section called "for honors credit" will be created by the Office of Registrar Services for the associated course. Grades for your honors contract work will be assigned at the end of the semester. The grade on your honors contract work will serve as your grade for the entire course.

No faculty member, instructor, or academic division is required to accept or approve your honors contract. Academic divisions may elect to establish specific guidelines to be followed by all students pursuing honors work in that division. When such policies are established, a copy should be submitted to the program office.