Honors Contract

For each honors-level course you wish to pursue, you will work with an approved faculty member to develop an honors contract. Please be sure to submit completed contracts before the due date(s) indicated.

An honors contract might include, but is not limited to, activities like:
  • An independent project employing the research methods taught in a course
  • A paper whose references are the primary sources addressed in a course text
  • Presenting your independent project or research results to your class or another campus group
  • Designing and completing a special project, performance, or product

Download and print the Honors Contract Application.


Honors Experience

An honors experience is the capstone of the Honors Program at IUPUC.

Under the supervision of a faculty mentor of your choice, as an honors student you will make an original contribution to your academic discipline and major field of study.

Considerable latitude regarding the nature of your contribution is permitted. You might choose to engage in a service learning project, for example. You might also choose to engage in empirical research. Or you could produce something creative, like an art installation, painting, short story, novel, play, or performance. Creative products such as these should include a written critical analysis that define's the product's relevance to a broader field of work.


  • An oral defence, demonstration, or display of the completed honors experience before members of the campus community is required.
  • Participation in a presentation or poster session at a local, regional, national, and/or international academic conference is strongly encouraged.
  • You may utilize a program-specific capstone course in lieu of an independent study project if the course meets the same criteria as the honors-level independent study.
  • All honors experiences must be integrated into a specific course's curriculum and learning outcomes. You must earn a grade of B or higher to successfully complete the honors experience.
  • Your faculty mentor will assign a grade to your chosen experience.