Faculty Information

Approved faculty mentors guide and collaborate with IUPUC students who pursue honors-level studies.

Definitions & Examples

Honors contracts are required for qualified students to pursue honors study in courses not specifically designed as honors-level courses. Students who complete an honors contract must complete their regular academic work in addition to the scope of work outlined in the contract. Honors-level work, in other words, is in addition to regular class assignments.

An honors contract is an opportunity for deeper, broader, and more creative learning that may not be provided by regular course assignments. Simply increasing the quantity of work required does not constitute an honors contract.

Honors contracts may include but are not limited to activities such as:

  • An independent project that employs research methods taught in the course
  • A paper whose references are the primary sources addressed in a course text
  • Production of teaching materials (such as PowerPoint presentations or test questions) for a course
  • Presentation of course materials or research results to the class
  • Designing and completing a special project, performance, or product

The Honors Program director and staff assistant will review all contracts and notify students when the contracts are approved or whether there is a need for revisions. As an approved faculty mentor, you are responsible for determining the criteria by which the student’s honors work will be evaluated.

Neither you or your academic division is required to accept a student honors contract. Your division may establish specific guidelines for all students completing honors-level work within that division. If such policies are developed, a copy should be provided to the Honors Program office.

General Information

Contracts must be completed and submitted to the Honors Program office, located in the Division of Liberal Arts, CC Room 162. Completed contracts are as soon as possible after the beginning of each term. The due dates are as follows.

  • Spring semester: Before the end of the third week of classes
  • Fall semester: Before the end of the third week of classes
  • Summer sessions: Before the end of the first week of classes

All work must be completed by the end of the semester. Grades for honors students should be reported along with regular grades at the end of the semester.

To earn honors credit, students must complete regularly assigned course work, the honors contract work, and earn a grade of B or higher. the honors grade serves as the grade for the course.

Once an honors contract has been approved by the program office, the Office of Registrar Services creates a special honors section labels “for honors credit” for that course. Once the registrar’s office has created an honors section for the class, students may not be returned back to the original class section and MUST complete their honors work as outlined in the contract.

After an honors section has been created, you must manually add the student(s) back to the original class roster in order to retrieve in-progress Oncourse data.

  • Go to the “site setup” tool in Oncourse (not the roster) and click “Add participants” at the top of the screen.
  • You will need the e-mail address or student ID for each honors student.
  • The course gradebook and assignments will automatically refresh and again include the student(s).
  • Until you complete this action, the student(s) will be unable to view class assignments, information, and grades.

If a student is unable to complete the contract work before the semester's end, you have two options:

  1. The student may completely withdraw from the course
  2. The student may ask you for an incomplete grade so the work can be completed as quickly as possible.

Students who choose the second option must notify Vicki Kruse (phone: 812.348.7393; e-mail: vikruse@iupuc.edu; office CC Room 162) if they are unable to complete the work before the semester’s end.