ENG-Z 204 Rhetorical Issues in Grammar and Usage (3 cr.)   An introduction to English grammar and usage that studies the rhetorical impact of grammatical structures (such as noun phrases, prepositional phrases, and different sentence patterns). This course considers language trends and issues, the role of correctness in discourse communities, and the relations between writing in context and descriptive and prescriptive grammars and usage guides. PUL=3

ENG-Z 205 Intro to the English Language (3 cr.)   This course is an introduction to how language, and English in particular, is structured, including sounds (phonetics and phonology), words (morphology), sentences (syntax) and meaning (semantics). Discussions focus on examples from everyday language and the application of these basic concepts to real world contexts, including language teaching and learning. PUL=2

ENG-Z 206 Introduction to Language Use (3 cr.)   An introduction to how we use language in our lives. This course explores how and why language varies between different groups and places as well as the role of context on language meaning and interpretation. Insights are applied to understanding the impact on literature, film, writing and other disciplines. PUL=4.