Religious Studies

REL-R 111 The Bible (3 cr.)   A critical introduction to the major periods, persons, events, and literatures that constitute the Bible; designed to provide general humanities-level instruction on this important text. PUL=5

REL-R 120 Images of Jesus (3 cr.)   This course is designed to introduce students to the variety of traditions about the figure of Jesus. It will acquaint students with the wide array of images of the Jesus character through a historical analysis of these images portrayed in texts, art, music, film, and TV.

REL-R 133 Introduction to Religion (3 cr.)   Introduction to the diversity of traditions, values, and histories through which religion interacts with culture. Emphasis on understanding the ways the various dimensions of religion influence people’s lives.

REL-R 173 American Religion (3 cr.)   A consideration of American religion, with particular emphasis on the development of religious diversity and religious freedom in the context of the American social, political, and economic experience.

REL-R 180 Introduction to Christianity (3 cr.)   Survey of beliefs, rituals, and practices of the Christian community with a focus on the varieties of scriptural interpretation, historical experience, doctrine, and behavior. PUL=5

REL-R 212 Comparative Religions (3 cr.)   Approaches to the comparison of recurrent themes, religious attitudes, and practices found in selected Eastern and Western traditions.

REL-R 301 Women and Religion (3 cr.)   Women and Religion (3 cr.) A critical examination of the roles of women in religion, looking at a range of periods and cultures in order to illustrate the patterns that characterize women’s participation in religious communities and practices.

REL-R 354 Buddhism (3 cr.)   Buddhism (3 cr.) Historical survey of Buddhism from its origins in India through its diffusion throughout Asia in subsequent centuries. Emphasis on practice (ritual, meditation, and ethics) and social grounding (including individual roles and institutional structures) as well as on doctrinal debates.