Engineering Advisory Council

In addition to members from the academic community, the Engineering Advisory Council (EAC) at IUPUC includes representatives from local industries, corporations, and businesses including advanced manufacturing enterprises and engineering companies throughout southeastern Indiana.

Members of the EAB are key stakeholders in contributing to the strategic success of the Division of Mechanical Engineering. They objectively review the division’s programs in support of Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) academic standards.

The EAC’s charge includes:

  • Evaluating program objectives, mission, and vision
  • Reviewing curriculum and concentration areas, faculty requirements, and future program directions as outlined by IUPUC leadership
  • Identifying qualified adjunct faculty for engineering courses and laboratories
  • Establishing real-world engineering projects and mentors for students completing the senior-level capstone design course
  • Participating in engineering seminars, presentations, and lectures for engineering students
  • Supporting collaborative research projects and attracting grant funding for engineering initiatives on the Columbus campus
  • Establishing an internship program for students
  • Promoting post-graduation employment opportunities for IUPUC students
  • Supporting fundraising and development programs to obtain and update laboratory equipment
  • Supporting marketing of BSME and other engineering programs and short courses