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Tom Lawrence, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator
Assistant Professor
Division of Mechanical Engineering
AMCE Room 122

PHONE: 812.375.7502
FAX: 812.348.2016

Biographical Statement

I am a Midwestern boy who was brought up in an industrial town and previous to coming to IUPUC have been involved in executive management and engineering of manufacturing based enterprises. I moved to Indianapolis in 2002 to co-found Aerodyn Engineering Inc. which is currently ranked #3751 in by Inc. 5000 and ranked #43 in top 100 engineering companies. While acting as PI for Phase I and Phase II SBIR research projects, I returned to school in 2005 to complete my Ph.D. Prior to Aerodyn, I directed operations, manufacturing engineering, and process development for Bendix Electric Power Division (manufacturer of aircraft generators and power systems). I also headed corporate manufacturing engineering and was a plant manager for Amphenol connectors where I achieved the Allied Special Recognition Award for process improvements concerning gold plating. I earned my MBA by studying at night while working full time in research and product development for the Parker Pen Company. I also participated in joint venture start-ups in India and the UK and have assumed GM responsibilities for 3 companies in “turn around” situations. I hold four patents.


  • Ph.D. Physics, Purdue University, 2011
  • MBA, Operations Management, University of Wisconsin, 1978
  • MSME, Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1975
  • BSME, Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, 1974
  • BA, Philosophy, Coe College, 1974

Professional Activities

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • American Physics Society
  • Licensed Professional Engineer (PE)
  • Certified Electroplater-Finisher (CEF)

Courses Taught

  • PHYS 251 Heat, Electricity, and Optics
  • ENGR 195  First-Year Engineering Projects
  • ME 270 Basic Mechanics 1
  • ME 272 Mechanics of Materials
  • ME 297 Computer Tools for Engineering
  • ME 262 Mechanical Design I
  • ME 340 Dynamic Systems and Measurements
  • ME 344 Introduction to Engineering Materials

Research Activities

My research activities focus on bringing “cutting edge” laboratory technology into practical commercial use. These include manufacture of 350ºC magnet wire by developing a method of high speed application of parylene HT coating to infinite lengths of thin wire, quantum confined high ZT thermoelectric coatings on glass fiber for energy harvesting, frictionless, non-contact, high-speed, hybrid gas bearings, wave rotor constant volume combustion for gas turbines, and fiction, wear, and ohmic conductivity testing of new electrical contact material combinations.