Faculty and staff

Your degree matters. Learn more about earning an Indiana University Master of Arts (MA) in Mental Health Counseling degree by requesting information. If you have questions, or need other assistance, please contact us.

ImgDarrin L. Carr, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology
Phone: 812.348.7331 | E-mail: dlcarr@iupui.edu
Fax: 812.348.7370
ImgKevin McCracken, MS, MBA, LMHC
Associate Director
Phone: 812.348.7302 | E-mail: kjmccrac@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 169
ImgAnibal Torres, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Mental Health Counseling
Phone: 812.348.7228 | E-mail: atorresb@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 139A
ImgStephanie L. Scifres, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychology
Phone: 812.348.7212 | E-mail: sscifres@iupuc.edu
Fax: 812.348.7370
Office: CC Room 143
ImgCheryl B. Warner, Ph.D.
Director, Mental Health Counseling, Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone: 812.348.7380 | E-mail: warnerch@iupuc.edu
Office: CC Room 137