Pre-Nursing Course Descriptions

NURS-A 100 Nursing: Drug Dosage Calculation (3 cr.)   Provides a review of basic mathematics and presents a method of solving problems involving drug dosages. Course is open to those interested in nursing.

NURS-B 104 Power Up: Strategies for Academic Success (3 cr.)   This first-year course for students who have declared nursing as a major focuses on assisting students in gaining essential skills for academic success and in developing the ability to make use ofuniversity resources. Topics will include time management, stress management, critical thinking, development of networks of support, communication skills, learning styles, and academic responsibility. Teaching and learning strategies will incorporate campus technology and library resources as tools for completion of course requirements.

NURS-B 215 Nutrition for Health Care Professionals (3 cr.)   Emphasis on nutritional needs and eating habits throughout the lifecycle. Discusses the classification, functions, and food sources of nutrients; the components of a balanced diet; the process by which the body utilizes food; and nutritional concerns of various cultures.