RN to BSN Course Descriptions

NURS-B 244 Comprehensive Health Assessment (3 cr.)   This course focuses on helping students acquire skills to conduct a comprehensive health assessment, including the physical, psychological, social, functional, and environmental aspects of health. The process of data collection, interpretation, documentation, and dissemination of assessment data will be addressed.

NURS-K 301 COMPLEMENTARY HEALTH THERAPIES (3 cr.)   This course will serve as an introduction to a variety of complementary therapies, including healing touch, guided imagery, hypnosis, acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology, and massage. The class will critically examine each therapy through assigned readings, literature reviews, presentations, guest lecturers, and optional experiential activities.

NURS-K 305 NEW INNOV IN HLTH&HLTH CARE (3 cr.)   This course explores emergent trends in health and health care, including technological advances in health care, developing approaches to care based on new knowledge and/ or research findings, and trends in health care delivery in a themed, survey or independent study format.

NURS-K 434 Global Health Issues in Nursing  (3 cr.)   This course focuses on global health issues, the conditions that contribute to global health disparities, and nursing interventions. Conceptual models and health equity concepts, evidence-based practice, and health care delivery systems are analyzed to explore strategies for addressing global health issues. Students investigate issues and advocate for health justice. 

NURS-K 492 Nursing Elective (3 cr.)   Many nursing elective courses are offered under this number. These elective offerings vary from year to year depending on student interest and available resources. Students are kept informed of elective offerings both through informational forums and through listings in the online course offerings. Variable Titles include: Surgical Care, Critical Care, Spirituality in Nursing, and Psychiatric Nursing.

NURS-K 499 GENETICS AND GENOMICS (3 cr.)   This course introduces a basic knowledge of genetics in health care, including genetic variation and inheritance; ethical, legal, and social issues in genetic health care; genetic therapeutics; nursing roles; genetic basis of selected alterations to health across the life span; and cultural considerations in genetic health care are all considered.

NURS-P 216 PHARMACOLOGY (3 cr.)   This course focuses on basic principles of pharmacology. It includes the pharmacologic properties of major drug classes and individual drugs, with an emphasis on the clinical application of drug therapy through the nursing process.

NURS-S 485 Professional Growth and Empowerment (3 cr.)    This course focuses on issues related to professional practice, career planning, personal goal setting, and empowerment of self and others. Students will discuss factors related to job performance, performance expectations and evaluation, reality orientation, and commitment to lifelong learning.