RN to BSN Course Descriptions

NURS-B 304 Health Policy (3 cr.)   This course focuses on core theoretical concepts of professional nursing practice, including health, wellness, illness, self-care and caring, disease prevention, and health promotion. Students will be expected to explore theoretical premises and research related to the unique wellness perspectives and health beliefs of people across the life span. Students will learn to develop care outcomes consistent with maximizing individual potentials for wellness. Students will complete a needs assessment as part of the practicum experience.

NURS-B 331 Communication for Health-Care Professionals (3 cr.)   Students in this course will focus on basic communication skills essential for working with health-care professionals and clients of various ages. Content includes interpersonal communications and group dynamics. Students will practice communication skills with individuals, within groups, and through electronic media.

NURS-B 404 Informatics (3 cr.)    This course focuses on the application of nursing theory and research findings in restoring and maintaining individual and family functioning for those dealing with multi-system alterations. Students will explore the ethical, legal, and moral implications of treatment options and identify tactics to maintain nursing effectiveness in their facilitation of individuals and families through the health-care system. Students will complete a scholarly analysis as part of their practicum experience.

NURS-H 355 Data Analysis in Clinical Practice and Health-Care Research (3 cr.)   This course introduces nursing and other health sciences students to the basic concepts and techniques of data analysis needed in professional health-care practice. Principles of measurement, data summarization, and univariate and bivariate statistics are examined. Differences in types of qualitative data and methods by which these types of data can be interpreted are also explored. Emphasis is placed on the application of fundamental concepts to real-world situations in client care.

NURS-H 365 Nursing Research (3 cr.)   This course focuses on development of students' skills in using the research process to define clinical research problems and to determine the usefulness of research in clinical decisions related to practice. The critique of nursing and nursing related research studies will be emphasized in identifying applicability to nursing practice.

NURS-R 470 Clinical Nursing Practice Capstone (3 cr.)   Note: this course must be taken in the final term for RN to BSN students.  This course allows students to synthesize knowledge and skills learned in the baccalaureate program and to demonstrate competencies consistent with program outcomes and to refine their nursing practice skills. Students will plan and organize learning experiences, design a project, and practice professional nursing in a safe and effective manner.

NURS-S 474 Applied Health-Care Ethics (3 cr.)   This course is designed to introduce the student to major ethical theory, principles, and models for the recognition, analysis, and resolution of ethical dilemmas in health-care practice.

NURS-S 475 Community Health (3 cr.)   Basic epidemiological principles and community health nursing models are applied in collaboration with diverse groups. Disease prevention strategies are applied to individuals and populations to promote health. Students apply the concepts of community assessment, disease prevention, and health promotion to plan, implement, and evaluate interventions for populations in the community.

NURS-S 487 Nursing Management (3 cr.)   This course focuses on development of management skills assumed by professional nurses, including delegation of responsibilities, networking, and facilitation of groups, conflict resolution, leadership, case management, and collaboration. Concepts addressed include organizational structure, delivery systems, change, managing quality and performance, budgeting and resource allocation, staffing, scheduling, evaluation and career development. Practice-Focused Courses.