Exam Registration
  • Appointments are required to take exams in the Placement Testing Center.
  • View the Placement Testing Calendar to make an appointment online.
  • You will need your IU username and passphrase to register for an exam.
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Placement Testing

As a new IUPUC student, placement testing may be needed to provide your academic advisor with more information about your academic skills.

The Placement Testing Center at IUPUC delivers secure, confidential, and efficient placement testing services. The results from placement tests help your academic advisor place you in appropriate courses and maximize your academic success.

The Placement Testing Center offers the following exams:

will be notified if you need placement testing. Placement exams are by appointment only and can be made by calling University College at 812.348.7200.

Policy on Prerequisite Checks

If you have questions regarding why you are required to take a math placement exam, please refer to the Policy on Prerequisite Checks. If you have additional questions regarding the policy, please contact University College.

Placement Testing Guidelines

  1. You must present a valid photo ID when you report for your test. Expired IDs are not valid. We accept these forms of identification: current driver's license, state issued ID card, IUPUC student ID, high school ID, current alien registration passport, or military ID. You may not complete placement testing without proper identification.
  2. You must present a "Request for Placement Testing" document verified by a member of University College of an academic advisor. If you do not present this document at the time of your scheduled testing, you may not complete your exam.
  3. Any personal items not specifically required to complete your placement testing (including notes, books, purses, calculators, and/or cell phones) will be placed in a storage container in the testing room. Cell phones, pagers, and all other electronic devices must be turned off. Cell phone calculators are not allowed in the testing room. WE ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR PERSONAL BELONGINGS.
  4. Placement testing personnel are present and will monitor your work as you complete the exam. Academic dishonesty in placement testing will not be tolerated. All cases of academic honesty and misconduct will be reported to University College and the dean of students.
    • You will be assigned a space to complete your exam buy may be moved at any time at the discretion of the testing center personnel.
    • Once you begin testing, you must complete it in one sitting unless otherwise indicated by your proctor or instructor. You may not leave the room unless you have requested special accommodations.
    • You must complete your testing independently and complete your own work.
    • Respect the needs of your fellow students by remaining quiet during your exam. No phone calls are allowed while taking an exam. Food and drinks are not allowed in the testing room.
    • Only admitted IUPUC student taking placement exams are allowed in the testing center. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate children or pets.
  5. When you complete the testing, all exam materials (including any scratch paper you may use), must be presented to placement center staff. You may not leave with notes or any portion of the exam.
  6. All exams are collected at closing time, even if not complete.
  7. If you have any questions or concerns before, during, or after your exam, please notify Testing Center personnel.