Summer Tuition Discount

Seize the summer and SAVE at IUPUC! Take 25 percent off every undergraduate class this summer. Break out the shorts, flip-flops, and your laptop—by taking summer classes, you can stay on track to graduate in four years or less. And, by graduating on time, you'll keep your loan debt to a minimum and be ready to pursue full-time employment more quickly. IUPUC has offered discounted summer classes since 2012. Even if you are an undergraduate student at other another college who plans to live in the Columbus area this summer, the IU credits you earn at IUPUC will transfer to thousands of institutions across the U.S. and around the world. Register today!

  • Summer Session One:
    Begins May 14, 2014
  • Summer Session Two:
    Begins June 30, 2014
Before You Register

Please familiarize yourself with the Registration Guide, which contains information about new student enrollment, tuition payments, campus resources, and more.


Schedule of Classes

In addition to a growing number of online, hybrid, and off-campus courses, IUPUC offers hundreds of day and evening classes from which you can choose.

In general, courses listings are posted at least one month before the start of registration for that semester and are updated frequently thereafter.

  • Spring courses are typically posted in October
  • Fall courses are usually posted in March
  • Summer courses are usually posted in March

Current Schedule

*NOTE: Courses that are web-based (online), hybrid, and off-site are indicated as such in the “notes” section for each course listing in the All Classes schedule.

Understanding Special Abbreviations

Course listings in the schedule of classes contain include special-purpose abbreviations and phrases. You may find it helpful to review these abbreviations and their meanings in this “How to Read the Complete Course Listing” tip sheet.

Course descriptions

For complete descriptions of courses listed in the schedule of classes, please review the IUPUC Course Bulletin 2012-14.