How to Use Oncourse
If you are new to IUPUC or Oncourse, review these short video demos and related materials:
  • Video demonstrations
    These short, two- to four-minute videos focus on basic tasks for both students (like posting a profile picture) and instructors (such as posting a course announcement).
  • Browsers
    Learn about recommended browsers for Oncourse.
  • Training and Support
    Access Oncourse support through self-study resources or get help from a person.
  • Request a site
    Request project sites, practice course sites, or portfolio sites; your course sites are automatically generated.
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Online Classes

In addition to on-and off-campus courses, IUPUC offers a growing number of web-based courses that are delivered online.

If a busy work schedule, family responsibilities, or lengthy commute make it challenging for you to take day or evening classes on our Columbus campus, online or hybrid courses are a good alternative.

These classes are flexible and convenient because you can complete assignments at times that best fit your schedule—even at 2 a.m.

Talk to your academic advisor, course instructor, or division faculty for specifics about the online courses you are interested in taking.

Current Courses

View or download these online course listings that are currently being offered by IUPUC:

What You Need to Know About Online Courses

How will you connect with your instructor when taking classes online? How will you know what to expect for course assignments, quizzes, and exams? It's easy! Our online courses are administered through Indiana University’s Oncourse system, which is a web-based collaboration and learning tool.

Several days before the first day of classes, you should:

  • Log into Oncourse and access the links for each class you are taking. These links will be available to you about two weeks before the start of each semester.
  • If you are registered for an online course and do NOT find the link in your Oncourse account, contact your academic advisor or the division offering the course immediately.
  • Check the course syllabus and visit IUPUC's Official Campus Bookstore to find your textbooks.
  • Before the first day of classes, your instructor will post announcements, course syllabi, course content, assignments, and other information in Oncourse.
  • If you have difficulty accessing course content information in Oncourse, contact the instructor or division offering the course immediately.
  • If you have technical difficulties, contact the IT Support Center at or call 812.855.6789.

NOTE: Some online courses may require that you take exams in person at IUPUC. Your instructor will provide more information if this is the case for a course you are taking.