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The IUPUC Alumni Association connects alumni and helps build lifelong relationships that serve the university, our students, and our graduates. It strives to improve the lives of students and alumni through education, personal development, and opportunities for camaraderie and fellowship. It facilitates communications and sponsors a variety of programs designed to actively engage IUPUC graduates in the continued success, growth, and development of the university.

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Explore scholarship opportunities that are funded and awarded by governmental and educational agencies, community foundations, private corporations and businesses, and other organizations. 

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Alumni Association

The Alumni Association Scholarship is a $1,000 award.


To be considered, you must be a degree-seeking undergraduate student at IUPUC. If selected, you will be required to give five (5) hours of service to IUPUC's Student Alumni Association (SAA) or Alumni Association.


  • Minimum GPA 3.0
  • Minimum 12 credit hours at IUPUC per semester
  • Letter of recommendation from faculty/staff
  • Letter of recommendation from a community member
  • Involvement in community and campus
  • Written essay answering these questions:
  1.      As a future graduate what would your expectations be of your IUPUC Alumni Association?
  2.      What would your contributions be for IUPUC?
  3.      Why did you choose IUPUC?

Application Process

Completed applications are due March 10.

  • Applications are available December 1 in OneStart under "Student Self-Service."
  • Under "Services & Information," go to the "Financial" section and click "IU Foundation Scholarship Application."
  • You may be required to submit additional information in order for us to process your application.