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Federal vs. Private

Learn more about the differences between federal loans and private loans.

Carefully consider your options before you decide which loan option is right for you!

Estimating Tuition Costs

The Indiana College Costs Estimator enables you to compare the price of attending different colleges and universities around the state. The Cash Course site is designed to help you make informed financial decisions about how to pay for your education


Private Loans

When it comes to paying for your IUPUC education, federal loans offer several advantages over private student loans. We encourage you to consider federal loans first if you need to borrow money to help pay for your education.

Private loans are made by lenders like banks, credit unions, and other institutions. They may not include the same benefits offered by federal lenders, like fixed interest rates, income-based repayment plans, and tax-deductible interest.

The cost of obtaining a private student loan depends on the strength of your credit score and other factors. Most private loans have variable interest rates, some of which are greater than 18 percent. A variable rate can substantially increase the total amount of the loan you repay.

In addition, private loans may not offer deferment or forbearance options.


To apply for a private loan you, you must complete a lender application and meet qualification criteria, which typically include having an established credit history and a good credit score.

Sources for Private Loans

Students borrowed from the following loan programs and providers: