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Beginning Freshmen

You are a beginning freshman if you will graduate from high school during the current school year, have recently graduated from high school, have earned a General Education Diploma (GED), or have taken no more than 12 hours of college credit.

Applications are processed as they are received. Please apply as early as possible for fall, spring, or summer admission.


  1. You must be a graduate of an Indiana or other U.S. high school or a graduate with General Educational Development (GED) test scores.
  2. Recent Indiana high school graduates should have completed the Core 40 curriculum and should rank in the upper half of their class.
  3. Out-of-state students should have completed a minimum of 28 semesters of college prep courses that include: 
    • Eight semesters of English
    • Four semesters of social sciences (history, government, economics, psychology, or sociology)
    • Four semesters of algebra
    • Two semesters of geometry
    • Two semesters of a laboratory science, i.e., biology, chemistry, or physics
    • Eight semesters of additional college prep courses, such as math, biology, chemistry, physics, social sciences, computer science, foreign language, or other college-prep courses
  4. If you are applying while still in or directly after graduating from high school, please provide SAT or ACT scores. IUPUC’s school codes for reporting SAT and ACT scores are: 4216 (SAT) and 6732 (ACT).
  5. Your SAT or ACT scores should meet or exceed the Indiana median. Writing samples for applicable tests are also required.

STEP 1: Apply for Admission

You have three options to apply for admission:

Include your official high school transcript or GED scores. You may be able to request your transcripts online at if your high school participates. Otherwise, contact your high school directly.

If you are applying within two years of graduating from high school, or if you are younger than age 20 and have a GED, provide SAT or ACT scores if you have them.

Include your one-time, non-refundable $55 application fee.

If you have questions at any point when completing your application, call 812.348.7390 or e-mail

STEP 2: Apply for Financial Aid

STEP 3: Waiting for Admission Decision

STEP 4: After Admission

  • You will receive a letter notifying you of the admission decision. If accepted, the letter will contain your student ID number and other information.
  • Once you receive your student ID number, establish your IU technology accounts.
  • Contact University College at or 812.348.7200 for next steps, including the name of your academic advisor, information about any required placement testing, and student orientation.
  • Complete placement testing if indicated.
  • Attend a new student orientation session as soon as possible.
  • Meet with your academic advisor.
  • Register for classes via One.IU.