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Release Date: April 10, 2017

IUPUC and IUCAD Columbus Panel

DATE: IU Day, April 19, 2017

TIME: Noon – 1:15 p.m.

LOCATION: IUCAD Columbus, 310 Jackson St., Columbus, IN  47201

TITLE: The Ingredients for Design and Innovation: IUPUC & IUCAD Columbus         
IUPUC & IUCAD Columbus discuss the foundations of a designer’s mental construct, a cabled conversation between the arts, the sciences, and humanities.

Panel members

  • Dr. Luke Jacobus, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, Associate Professor of English
  • Dr. Tom Lawrence, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Ms. Aimee Zoeller, Lecturer in Sociology
  • Dr. Filiz Cicek, Adjunct Lecturer IUPUC in art

Moderator: Kelly Wilson
Will discuss the educational opportunities to define the foundation for design, architecture and the future of Columbus. 

Come discover the education that leads to the intangible reasons of why we hope.

Light lunch will be available.

Registration appreciated. Go to at www.facebook.com/events/360918380970585/