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Release Date: June 9, 2017

IUPUC develops leadership skills in faculty and staff

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Next Generation 2.0
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Four participants from Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC) were selected for and completed the Next Generation 2.0 program during 2016-2017. The participants and their leadership projects are:

  • Anna Carmon – On-Boarding and Mentorship Program for New Tenure-track Faculty at IUPUC
  • Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick – Office for Women at IUPUC
  • Marsha VanNahmen – Dissemination and Sustainability of Funded Initiatives at IUPUC
  • Aimee Zoeller – Integrating Sexual Violence Prevention into the Curriculum

IUPUI Next Generation 2.0 is a program directed toward mid-career faculty and staff interested in enhancing their leadership skills and/or seeking leadership opportunities at IUPUI and IUPUC. A cohort of 20-25 individuals is selected from submitted nominations.

Participants engage with a ten-month curriculum focused on a variety of topics designed to enhance their leadership potential and professional acumen, including the mission of public institutions; planning and leading change; negotiating and managing conflict; budgets and finances; self-assessment; mentorship; individual and institutional diversity; and managing strategic resources, among others.

A highlight of the program is the opportunity for participants to develop a leadership project, individually or in a group, which links directly back to their current work or to the campus mission and strategic plan. The program concluded on May 23 with capstone project presentations and written abstracts outlining the outcomes of the leadership projects.