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Release Date: June 12, 2017

Center for Business and Economic Development to offer leadership development program

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The Center for Business and Economic Development (CBED) at IUPUC offers a 4-Day “Leadership Development Program.” The program, hosted on the IUPUC campus or at an off-site location, provides industry best practice concepts, models, tools, strategies, and individualized assessments.

 The program covers four areas of leadership development:

  • Transition to Management (with the DiSC Assessment)

o    This highly interactive workshop provides the tools and techniques to make the successful transition, including taking your own “DiSC Personality Assessment,” letting go of the old job and preparing for the new job, understanding the critical management qualities, functions, and effective leadership skills. In addition, you will recognize the common pitfalls for new managers, become aware of the managerial challenges and opportunities, improve communications, planning, delegation, and critical managerial responsibilities as well as receive “Best Practice” tips.

  • Personal Leadership Development

o    Regardless of your position on leadership, the most important consideration is to recognize that there are a number of ways to develop new leadership skills right now as well as enhance and grow your current leadership abilities. This is the good news.

o    Personal Leadership Development

1) Outlines the best definitions and attributes of leadership

2) Explores the personal and business case for effective leadership development

3) Explores the “Six Core Leadership Styles” and provides guidelines on use

4) Provides a detail exploration of the “Six Top Attributes of Leadership” - critical to helping you accelerate your personal leadership development.

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence (with the EQI 2.0 Assessment)

o    Emotional Intelligence is the ability to develop a set of emotional and social skills that

1) Influence the way we perceive and express ourselves,

2) Develop, navigate and maintain the complex social relationships required in the workplace,

3) Cope with everyday challenges

4) Use the emotional information in an efficient and meaningful way to make the right decisions that will result in positive business results.

  • Coaching and Developing Employees

o    This hands-on workshop covers important topics such as attributes of an effective coach, creating an environment that fosters coaching, planning for impact in coaching sessions, questioning, and listening techniques, and application planning.  As with all workshops, the final activity includes individual action planning suitable for next day implementation in the workplace.

The cost of the program is $1200 per participant and includes professional facilitation, presentation materials, program workbook guides, and practical applications of the major leadership concepts.

Please contact Greg Knudson at The Center for Business and Economic Development at IUPUC – gknudson@iupuc.edu or 812.348.7301.