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It is Homecoming Week! Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to participate in the week’s activities. Read more »
The IUPUC Office of University Information Technology (UITS), Office of Women’s Studies, Office of Student Research, and the Feminism and Spectrum clubs sponsored a Data Privacy Day (DPD). Read more »
Stipends were awarded to 10 members of IUPUC faculty to develop eight online classes beginning spring 2017. Of the eight classes, two are new classes, and six are converting existing classes to an online format.  Read more »
Dr. Jennifer Conner-Zachocki, Head of the Division of Education, teaches language-related courses for pre-service teachers, including those that emphasize at their curricular core issues of critical literacy, sociolinguistics, and digital literacies. Read more »
Indiana University-Purdue University (IUPUC) named 373 students to its Dean’s List for the Fall 2016 semester. Read more »