Brand Standards & Guidelines

A strong, consistent visual and editorial presence builds awareness about IUPUC. We follow Indiana University guidelines to communicate your story with confidence and style. Please help us continue to build the IUPUC brand by familiarizing yourself with these standards.

For the most current, accurate information about Indiana University brand standards, go to

  • This Web site contains a wealth of useful information about the Indiana University brand and how to apply it.
  • From the site, you can download IUPUC logos. You can also download social media icons and templates for a variety of print materials.
  • To download licensed and trademarked IU logos and other materials, you will be prompted to enter your Indiana University username and passphrase.


Quickly find the answers to all of your frequently asked questions about grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and more in the Indiana University style guide. This online guide is based on widely accepted reference works, like The Chicago Manual of Style, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, and the Associated Press Stylebook.


A strong, consistent visual presence builds awareness about IUPUC among our internal and external stakeholders. By establishing an integrated visual identity, we can maximize recognition of the IUPUC brand while leveraging the formidable strength, history, tradition, and pride surrounding the Indiana University brand. Learn more about applying the IU brand:

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