The OCM team can strategize, market, publicize, research, design, write, and tweet for you. We can help you define your audiences, solve your marketing challenges, and learn more about your stakeholders.

Think of us as IUPUC's in-house advertising agency that can help you create compelling messaging and campaigns to share important news about our people and programs. We will provide you with our best suggestions, ideas, and options for completing your projects on time and on budget.

Help Us Help You

In response to some of the most frequently asked, marketing-related questions we have developed a seven-page booklet containing IUPUC-specific guidelines on subjects like:

  • Submitting information for news releases
  • Ordering promotional items
  • Adding events to the Web calendar
  • Requesting digital signage
  • Web assistance
  • Other creative services

Contact us before you begin planning communications, marketing, or public relations projects. We want to help you save you time, money, and maximize your efforts.

To deliver the highest-quality outcomes, please provide us as with as much advance notice as possible about your needs. A good rule of thumb is to work backward from when you need to have the final product(s) delivered and in hand—please allow ample time for writing, design, proofing, printing or production, shipping, and delivery. We receive multiple requests for service each day, which we prioritize according to a variety of criteria. Giving us as much notice as possible will help us get your project into our workflow as soon as possible.