Current members of Executive Committee:

  • Emily Dill, president
  • Jenny Conner-Zachocki, secretary and Nominations
  • Bethany Murray, Student Affairs
  • Anna Carmon, Academic Affairs
  • Madelynn Shackelford Washington, Faculty Affairs
  • Katherine Wills, Budgetary & Resources
  • Barbara Hass-Jacobus, Constitution & Bylaws

Executive Committee

The Faculty Senate's Executive Committee consists of:

  • The president of the faculty
  • The chairs of the senate standing committees
  • The vice chancellor and dean or associate dean for academic affairs (who serve as ex-officio members without voting privileges)
  • The Faculty Senate secretary

To learn more about the duties and responsibilities of the senate's Executive Committee, refer to the Constitution and Bylaws.

The senate's Executive Committee usually meets one week in advance of senate meetings to set the meeting agenda. Contact Secretary of the Senate Jenny Conner-Zachocki for more information.


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