Employee of the Month

In 2010, IUPUC began a tradition of recognizing one outstanding employee each month to show appreciation for his or her dedication and effectiveness. 

  • Employees are nominated by their supervisors and other staff members.
  • The vice chancellor and dean seeks consensus from division and department heads for each nomination. 
  • If more than one nominee has support by that group for the same month, the vice chancellor determines the sequencing of the nominees for a three-month period.

To view previous recipients of this recognition, explore these links:


Paul Burris said about Facilities Team:

The Facilities Team has done an outstanding job this winter. With record snowfall, our maintenance staff removed snow, swept, and scraped sidewalks of snow and ice. Parking spaces were cleared for our students and staff before morning light so that IUPUC could safely have classes. On some of the worst days you could find the team pulling cars from snow banks and jumping dead batteries. Our custodial staff swept the carpets, mopped floors, and removed salt residue from the building. This kept the overall appearance of the building looking clean and welcoming. The hard work that this team has done has not been easy.  While campus was closed, these IUPUC team members showed up and went above their call. I am very proud to be part of such a great group of unselfish and hardworking people. Their attitudes have never faltered. Their positive approach to get the job done is easily seen throughout the campus. I feel that the Facilities Team most certainly deserves this distinction of Employees of the Month.


George Towers said about Matthew Springmeyer:

I have found Matt to be an exceptionally dedicated colleague. He masters a very diverse array of duties, routinely takes on additional tasks, and fits his schedule to meet IUPUC’s needs. He works very well with staff and faculty alike and is very responsive to student needs. IUPUC is very fortunate to have Matt and he would be very difficult to replace.


Beth Sharer said about Carrie Shaver:

Carrie takes on new job duties with enthusiasm. She has completed additional training in order to help staff our Simulation Center. She is an advocate for the traditional students she advises and has initiated appreciative advising with them. She took on the update to our website along with many other additional tasks and produces quality work. Carrie maintains a positive attitude and welcomes constructive feedback. It is with great pleasure that I nominate Carrie for this recognition.