Employee of the Month

In 2010, IUPUC began a tradition of recognizing one outstanding employee each month to show appreciation for his or her dedication and effectiveness. 

  • Employees are nominated by their supervisors and other staff members.
  • The vice chancellor and dean seeks consensus from division and department heads for each nomination. 
  • If more than one nominee has support by that group for the same month, the vice chancellor determines the sequencing of the nominees for a three-month period.

To view previous recipients of this recognition, explore these links:


Frank Wadsworth said about Julie David:

Julie David has been in a whirlwind since she arrived in 2012. She had 500 advisees the first year before Summer Bowman arrived. Julie uses a balanced approach to the many issues she deals with every day. She can take a tactical approach to problems when dealing with student advising and a strategic approach when planning out long term class schedules. Julie has made many outstanding suggestions for improving class scheduling and teaching adjustments. Julie has earned two professional certificates since arriving on the IUPUC campus. She is a certified Meyers-Briggs advisor and a Strong Interest Inventory counselor. Julie is the secretary for Staff Council.  Julie always has a smile, is friendly, outgoing, empathetic to student, staff, and faculty issues, and engaged with the campus. She is a wonderful Division of Business team member and continues to support the success of our students and campus.