Need Assistance?

If you are experiencing difficulty with a library computer or printer, please report it to a library staff member at the Information Desk or e-mail



Those who use University Library of Columbus printers should be aware of our printing policies.


  • Black and white printing costs $.05 per page.
  • Color printing costs $.25 per page.
  • All IUPUC students are given a credit of $32.50 per semester to cover the cost of printing.
  • Extra printing credits may be purchased at the library's Information Desk.
  • Payments can be made in cash or billed through your bursar account.

How to Print

1.  From the print window or menu, select one of these printers:
  • LC-1600 North (black and white)
  • LC-1600  South (black and white)
  • LC-1600 Color (color)
2.  Go to the print release station at the Information Desk, located under the orange flag, to retrieve black and white printing jobs.
3.  You need not release items from the print station to print in color; simply log into the print release station using your IU network ID:
  • Username: ADS\username
  • Password: password
4.  A list of all jobs you've sent to the printer will appear.
5.  Select the job(s) you wish to print and click "Print."
6.  When finished, click "End Session."
7.  Log-off after you have completed all of your printing needs.