• Office of Student Affairs
    Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC)
    45555 Central Avenue, LC Room 1200
    Phone: 812.375.7525
    Columbus, IN 47203-1769

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ImgCarol Krostrzewsky, M.Ed.
Associate Director of Career Services
Phone: 812.314.8535 | E-mail: ckostrze@iupuc.edu
Office: LC Room 1205
ImgSandra Miles, Ph.D.
Director of Student Affairs
Phone: 812.375.7525 | E-mail: smiles3@iupuc.edu
Office: LC Room 1205
ImgDianna Peters
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 812.314.8525 | E-mail: dilpeter@iupuc.edu
Office: LC Room 1200
ImgMatt Rothrock
Coordinator of Academic Resource Center
Phone: 812.314.8757 | E-mail: mcrothro@iupuc.edu
Office: LC Room 1616