Development & external affairs

We are excited about the phenomenal work going on at IUPUC and the great opportunities just waiting to happen on our growing, dynamic campus.

Talk to us and learn more about the areas that most need your philanthropic support, like student scholarships, recognition opportunities for academic achievement and community service, laboratory equipment, and more.

Private support from alumni and individuals like you enable us to meet needs for which other resources are not available or to meet educational needs in the communities we serve. Most gifts qualify for federal and state income tax deductions for charitable contributions.

We can help you identify the greatest areas of need that are deserving of your support. And we can also help you identify ways to maximize the impact of your support, including personal tax benefits for you.

As IUPUC's fundraising and alumni relations team, we can help you make an lasting impact. Join us as we work to change the lives of students, educate the next generation of local and regional leaders, and make the communities we serve great places to learn, work, and live.

Visit us in the Columbus Learning Center:

  • Office of Development and External Affairs
    Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus
    4601 Central Avenue | LC Room 2107
    Columbus, IN 47203
    Phone: 812.348.7387

We look forward to speaking with you!

Show Your Support

Whether you are an IUPUC graduate who wants to give back to your alma mater—or someone who just wants to help the university grow—talk to us. Friends like you are the lifeblood of our university. You help us meet student needs and develop educational solutions that are aligned with local and regional needs. Explore these links to learn more: DONATE & MAKE AN IMPACT Annual givingPlanned giftsMatching giftsRecognition levelsWhere to giveFACULTY & STAFF CAMPAIGNPayroll deductionTax benefitsCONTACT DEVELOPMENT

Funding Toolkit

Please submit your request for the IUPUC Funding Toolkit.