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General Education

The Office of Institutional Research has collaborated with faculty and administrators to develop a campus plan for meeting the general education needs of IUPUC students.

The plan defines common baccalaureate competencies for all IUPUC graduates, regardless of their degree program. It also identifies a 30 credit hour transferrable general education core curriculum that ensures flexibility for students transferring between academic programs or between college campuses.

The General Education Plan for undergraduate study is a promise to students, families, and future employers that, as IUPUC graduates, they will meet and demonstrate proficiency in a shared skills and competencies, including:

  • Foundational skills in written and oral communication and mathematical modeling
  • Broad knowledge derived from (1) arts and humanities, (2) natural, quantitative and information sciences, and (3) social and historical studies
  • Problem-solving skills acquired through cross-cultural inquiry, research, and advanced writing competencies
  • Understanding of global and ethical issues facing contemporary society

The Faculty Senate formally created a General Education Board in May of 2012 whose members are responsible for oversight of IUPUC's general education curriculum and monitoring student performance of general education student learning outcomes. These outcomes are closely aligned with IUPUI's Principles of Undergraduate Learning.  Like the academic programs at IUPUC, this board has a formal plan for assessment of student learning. For information, review the spring 2012 pilot study of student performance levels.

Resources for Instructors

  • Instructors teaching general education courses at IUPUC can find assessment rubrics arranged by student learning outcome number posted on the IUPUC faculty Oncourse site.

Assessment Plan

Student performance on the learning outcomes will be monitored on a five year cycle beginning with the fall 2012 semester.

Year in Cycle         

Areas to be Monitored

English composition and communication
Mathematical modeling
Natural, quantitative, and information science
Arts and humanities
Social and historical studies
World languages and cross-cultural inquiry
Researched writing
Ethical inquiry
Impact of general education curriculum at IUPUC