Meeting Dates

Each quarter, the IUPUC Board of Advisors meets from noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Student Commons of the Columbus Learning Center.

  • The 2015-16 academic school year meeting dates are posted here.
  • If you have questions about board activities or membership, contact the Office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean at or 812.348.7226.
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Board of Advisors

Chairman's Message

On behalf of the Board of Advisors of Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC), I welcome you to the Board of Advisors Web page.  Read further to see how the Board of Advisors supports all of the good things happening at IUPUC.

The IUPUC Board of Advisors represents 28 voices from the community of Columbus, Indiana and from the region in south central Indiana where most of our students live.  Among these voices are members of commerce and industry, local government, our K-12 school system, the not-for-profit sector, economic development, and other community leaders.  In addition, representatives of IUPUC students, faculty and staff join us at each of our meetings. 

The Board of Advisors informs the Interim Vice Chancellor, Dr. Laurence Richards, and his team regarding issues of importance or concern for the community and region as they endeavor to realize IUPUC’s vision of becoming the first choice for those who seek a small university experience in south central Indiana, emphasizing intellectual and personal development, community engagement and preparation to enter the global workforce.

The Board of Advisors also helps IUPUC identify strategic response options that are consistent with IUPUC’s four overarching strategic goals for:

  • Delivering the right academic programs at the right times,
  • Sustaining academic and scholastic achievement,
  • Creating a welcoming campus focused on the reasons why students, faculty and staff choose IUPUC, and
  • Serving community and regional cultural, intellectual and economic development.

The Board of Advisors seeks as well to identify and provide resources to IUPUC in support of IUPUC’s strategic goals.  For example, several Board members employ IUPUC students as interns and professional hires.  The Board also helps IUPUC attract philanthropic support for faculty and students along with more general needs of the university. 

Following Board recommendations, IUPUC has also formed strategic Board committees through which smaller groups of Board members focus on issues associated with academic program development, government relations, and campus planning.  A key element of Board strategic advice comes from the Campus of the Future strategic committee.  This Board committee recognizes the value of maintaining a proactive eye on the future of higher education in IUPUC’s region.  In recent years, this committee has encouraged IUPUC to be active in regional economic development initiatives, to improve IUPUC’s ability to retain first time students, to increase IUPUC’s attractiveness to potential students in and outside of the region, and to increase the rate at which students complete their studies at IUPUC. 

IUPUC has become a dynamic part of the Columbus community and, increasingly, of the south central Indiana region.  The IUPUC Board of Advisors is proud to make its contribution towards IUPUC’s success and expects more from IUPUC in the years to come.

Robert (Bob) Williams, PhD
Chair, IUPUC Board of Advisors