Spotlight: Lauren Burch

Dr. Lauren Burch, visiting assistant professor of management in the Division of Business,  specializes in athletics and new media, specifically the use of social media by professional athletes. A Ph.D. student who graduated from Indiana University in 2012, she explored and assessed Olympic media coverage through content analysis of six international Web sites. She also assisted on a $216,000 study researching the short-term effects of violent sport media on human aggression. One of the more recent research articles published by Dr. Burch is "A Shift in Set: Examining Agenda-Setting Effects on Twitter During the London 2012 Olympics." Burch is fostering an interest in social media research among IUPUC business students, including one who received a grant for a project titled "Twitter and Political Consciousness: An Analysis of Social Media Engagement Based on Political Framing."


Quarterly Accomplishments

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In 2013, IUPUC faculty and staff spent nearly 26,000 collective hours in community service, civic engagement, university service, professional development, and related activities. Because of their efforts, south central Indiana is a better place to live, learn, and work. Learn more about some of the talented individuals who are valued members of the IUPUC family by downloading our most recent list of faculty research expertise .

Documenting our Achievements

To collect, track, and analyze information about faculty and staff accomplishments, the Office of Institutional Research (OIR) began issuing Web-based Monthly Activity Reports (MARs) during the summer of 2013. Since that time, the data reported has been summarized into quarterly lists comprising all activities reported for a three-month period. Activities not reported on the MARs are not summarized here. As new information becomes available at the end of each quarter, it will be posted here. Explore the links for a summary of faculty and staff presentations, invited talks, awards, honors, grants, and scholarly publications for the quarter indicated.