Parking Fines
As of July 1, 2007, parking fines at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC) are:
  • General violations: $15
  • Parking in a handicapped space: $50
Fines not paid or not appealed within ten (10) business days are posted to student bursar accounts.


All IUPUC students are eligible to purchase an E parking permit. These permits give students access to all parking areas marked with “E” signs. Students must display a valid "E" permit in their vehicle.

Below ½ time: $30.00

  • 1-5 undergraduate credit hours
  • 1-3 graduate credit hours

½ time and above: $45.00

  • 6+ undergraduate credit hours
  • 4+ graduate credit hours

Faculty/Staff Parking (A and E)

Faculty/Staff-only parking areas are marked with “A” signs and are restricted to those vehicles displaying a valid "A" permit. All full and part-time staff and faculty are eligible to purchase either “A” or “E” parking permits.

Faculty and Staff Permits:

  • A Permit: $16/month
  • E Permit: $9/month

Adjunct Faculty Permits:

  • A Permit: $50/semester
  • E Permit: $15/semester

Handicapped Parking (H)

Handicapped parking spaces are clearly designated. Vehicles parking in these areas must display a valid IUPUC "H" parking permit. In the event all handicapped parking spaces are occupied, this permit also allows parking in either the "A" or "E" parking areas.

Anyone wishing to purchase an “H” permit must present either vehicle registration showing a handicapped license plate, or a valid plastic handicapped hang tag.  If the hang tag is used in place of a permanent plate, it must always be visible along with the “H” permit.

Fees for “H” permits are the same as for the “A” or “E” permit you would be eligible to purchase.