All vehicles parked in a permit lot at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC) must display a current parking permit or "hang tag" from the rear-view mirror. The hang tag permit letter designation (i.e., "A", “E”, or "H") should be clearly visible from the front of the vehicle.

Important Points for Students to Remember About Parking at IUPUC

  • Student license plate numbers must be turned in every semester and kept on file in the Office of Bursar Services before parking permits will be issued.
  • If a student forgets his or her permit, that individual should report to the Office of Bursar Services to obtain a temporary permit for the day.
  • Parking is confined to areas designated for that purpose. Parking on lawns, in construction/maintenance areas, or any other area that would mar landscaping, create a hazard, or interfere with use of university facilities is prohibited.
  • Students may not park in spots designated for visitor parking.
  • Parking citations not paid or appealed after ten (10) business days will be charged to the student's account. All fines must be paid to the Office of Bursar Services.

Other Information About Parking

  • Visitor parking is limited to IUPUC visitors only. Those who will be visiting for more than one hour should report to the bursar's office to obtain a temporary parking permit. 
  • IUPUC faculty, staff, and students may not park in spots designated for visitor parking.
  • Any vehicle in violation of parking regulations, or any vehicles which are apparently abandoned (unmoved in more than 48 hours) may be towed and stored at the owner's expense.

When snow and ice cover the parking lot, faculty, staff, and students should make every attempt to remove their personal vehicles from campus parking areas. In the event of a heavy snow, unmoved vehicles may become "plowed in" and covered by snow removal equipment, which is an unavoidable component of the snow removal process.

In addition to IUPUC regulations, students, faculty, staff, and visitors are subject to parking rules and regulations set forth by Indiana University (where applicable) on the IUPUC campus.