If you want a hot or cold beverage, quick snack, or a meal visit the IUPUC Cafe Monday through Friday.

The campus cafe is a great place to relax, recharge, and be refreshed with healthy, nutritious food and beverage options. 

The IUPUC Cafe has breakfast food, hot lunch specials, and grab-and-go items, like assorted deli sandwiches, wraps, and salads. We serve fountain and bottled beverages along with coffee and cappuccino. We also offer popular snack items like nachos, pizza, and breadsticks as well as candy bars, cookies, and other sweet treats.

Equipped with wireless Internet access, the cafe has comfortable seating and tables that make great workstations and a place to socialize.

Cafe Hours

During the fall and spring semesters, you can visit the cafe:

During semester breaks, holidays, and during the summer, hours are reduced.

Call 812.348.7296 if you have questions about our hours of operation.